Popular Celebs From The Past And We Still Love Today


Sandra Bullock has been one of the most well-known actresses in Hollywood. She first became famous for her appearance in Demolition Man back in 1993. Her appearance in Speed a year later put her on the map. She subsequently appeared in numerous comedies such as Miss Congeniality, Ocean’s 8, Hope Floats, and The Proposal. She won an Oscar in 2009 with her performance in The Blind Side. Her most notable performances, in recent years, were in Gravity and Bird Box. Thanks to these and business investments and ventures made in food and restaurants, Bullock has become a highly successful actress.

Now, at age 56, Bullock has managed to age quite well, despite the stresses of her work. Among the many things she attributes to her younger-looking looks include daily exercise, a weekly exfoliating session, and quite a minimalist beauty routine. Despite a few wrinkles here and there, she looks a few years younger than she should be.